Is there somewhere a theme gallery?

I’m just starting out with

I can see that there are many theme plugins to choose from. Is there anywhere a gallery with demo blogs of all of the (or at least some of the) themes?

Thanks for pointers!

Welcome to the community.

I don’t think there’s a demo gallery, unfortunately, but your account comes with an extra test blog:

Every account can create a free test blog on the web under Design → Edit Custom Themes → New Test Blog.

Plugin API

Your test blog will be available at Feel free to try out any theme there without affecting your original blog.

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That’s great to know. Thanks a lot!

Is the test publicly accessible? Any way to hide it?

Yes, it will be publicly visible. However, you can hide it from search engines with the No robots plug-in, and the test blog can be deleted once you’re finished evaluating themes.

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