Is there a way to publish a post with a date in the past?

I’m trying to move my old website over to but I don’t want to do a full import; I only really want to bring over a few of my old posts. I figured I’d just publish them as new posts manually, but I want to preserve that they were (in some cases) written years ago. I know I can publish the post and then edit it so that the published date reflects the real date in the past, but I noticed that this doesn’t change the date shown in the post’s URL (I’m guessing to avoid having to set up redirects or cause broken links). Is there a way to get my post published but with a URL that reflects reality?

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You’ll need to use an app that can set the date before the post is first created. The web version can’t do this right now. A couple options:

  • for macOS. Start a new post, then choose File → Schedule Post.
  • Quill on the web: Go to the Editor view, click the Publish popup menu and enter a new date (I think this is GMT and not local time).

I think we should probably change to always update the URL when the date changes. The current behavior has been confusing.

Another option depending on where you are moving from old blog from would be to try to trim the archive to only certain posts when importing. The nice thing about the import feature in is that it also preserves old URLs and redirects them for you automatically. (If there aren’t too many posts, you might even want to just import everything and delete what you don’t want.)

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