Is there a way to have a /bookmarks page?

My goal is to have a /bookmarks page that is an auto-generated page similar to /about or /replies that list the latest bookmarks. Ideally, it would be a list of all the quoteback components that are used in each bookmarks (although i’d love to include any highlights from the bookmark too).

Is there a way to do that currently in I could make a custom template, but I’m not sure how I would get the bookmarks suring the Hugo build. So that would leave me making a page that has JS on it to query the /posts/bookmarks endpoint. I’m wondering if there is a more straightforward way.

You might want to check out my plug-in, Bookmarks Shortcode. Either install and use it as is from the plug-in directory or take inspiration from it to build your own custom template.

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And the best part about @sod’s plugin that he has linked above is that you can also use it to display bookmarks with a certain tag in case you don’t want to share all.

Pretty nice plug-in! i’ll probably have to do some tweaking/forking to get my highlight idea to work. but this gets me something up and running quickly. :+1:

some notes for any future person stumbling across this:

  • the key code in the plugin is this:
    { $feed_url := $.Site.Params.feeds.bookmarks_json }} {{ $response := getJSON $feed_url }}
  • the bookmarks_json can be found in your account’s feeds
  • that bookmark json has some content_html that i’d say isn’t very intuitive for my quoteback scenario imo, hence why i’ll tweak this approach.