Is there a way to add Google Search Console verification file to /

Hey community -

I’m trying to get my site added into Google Search Console. I love that simplifies so many things, but as probably one of many who want to use it exclusively for blogging, there are some elements of control that would be nice for indexing checks that only Search Console can accurately provide.

There are four ways to connect them, and my notes on feasibility from my POV, below – any help is appreciated:

  • Upload HTML to root directory (seems the easiest, but no way to do this, as all uploads go to an /uploads/ directory)
  • HTML tag (meta tag to header section of site, which I don’t think I can edit?)
  • Google Analytics (doesn’t seem like allows for this)
  • Google Tag Manager (same, would need to tag the site with GTM first, which doesn’t seem possible)
  • Domain name provider (I recently bought a domain via (which uses, but there is no way for me to my domain’s DNS to do this one, unless I missed something?)

You can choose any of the options you mention above with except, maybe, the last one (DNS). But the easiest is probably the HTML tag option.

  1. Install the Meta tags plug-in (you have to be signed in for that link to work).
  2. Paste the Google-provided HTML tag into the plug-in’s Settings.
  3. Done! :blush:
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Incredible – thank you so much! I must have passed that plug-in up in my perusing on the site…

Just tried it and it worked perfectly.