Is the help email address being checked?


I sent an email to the help email address two weeks ago but I haven’t had a reply. It hasn’t bounced back so I assume it has been received. Can anyone confirm if that email address is monitored?

Thank you


It is being monitored but unfortunately I think only Manton helms that, and right now he is travelling.

Sadly you’re not the first person to discover this problem, Tom. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the next member of the team does at least partially cover the official support.

Sorry, I am way behind in email, and I’ve missed a few things. Usually try to respond in 1 day. I’ll find the email and make sure I follow up today.

Thank you Manton - I have received your email.

I sent a few your way as well. Will be grateful for any ideas you have when you have the time. Thanks.