iPadOS UI thing: Posting button disappears with Stage Manager

As Stage Manager resizes the app window, when it gets to the point that the timeline disappears and only the left sidebar is left (i.e. links to Timeline, Mentions, Bookmarks, Discover, etc.) the “pencil and square” posting button on the upper right disappears along with the timeline.

I guess it raises two questions:

  1. Should it collapse to timeline or sidebar? Do I want a skinny window because I want quick access to an array of microblog functions? Or do I want a skinny window to watch my timeline a la twitter. I see it work both ways in a few different apps.

  2. Is there any way to keep the “Post” button available in either state? it took me a few moments of processing to figure out that the button is both “relative to the upper right of the window” and “contained the timeline portion of the window.”