iOS App Notifications Bugs?

A bug report for @vincent.

Notifications for replies don’t bring me to the Mentions page or the specific reply.

And as long as I’m complaining about notifications, I’ve long wondered why my phone/watch never buzzes for M.b ones. I’ve got everything enabled in settings.

They’re my favorite notifications to get, and I always miss them until I manually check Notification Center. Maybe it’s a problem on just my phone. I happen to be setting a replacement phone up from scratch later today, so I’ll let you know here if that fixes it.

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Thanks! Yeah, I know about this one… in fact pushing on a push does nothing (even though in testing it works) :man_shrugging:

There is no sound because that’s how it was set up… without sound, from the MB end — so your settings won’t make a difference here.

Yeah I’m still not getting any notifications whatsoever, either. This is despite signing out, and reinstalling the app twice.

Is the lack of sound the culprit for it not buzzing either? If so, that’s an opinionated decision that I can respect, even if I disagree and wish I had the option to have them beep/buzz.

Yes, I have the same issue. Will be investigating with Manton once he’s back.

Yeah, that’s correct. And yes, it’s an opinionated decision to have it like this, which I prefer too.