Inserting HEIC Images on web

Hi. I’ve noticed that images taken with my iPhone 12 Pro which are saved as HEIC images will not upload or be saved. If I save the same image as a JPG I am able to upload the file with no problem. I don’t believe the apps have this issue and on iOS they upload. What is the reason that HEIC images are not uploaded when using on my Mac on the web or a client like quill?



So many places don’t accept HEIC, I recently switched it off

There have even been times when I’ve tried to use a HEIC file with an Apple app or service and it doesn’t work. Terrible implementation which smells of little more than a lock-in feature.

I believe this is a limitation in how we process photos uploaded on the web. Uploading from the iOS app should work with HEIC. If you have an example HEIC that doesn’t work that you want to forward to, I can do some more testing. Thanks!

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definitely a lockin thing… Apple hs been going down that road more and more as the years go by. I had the same issue recently and was only able to solve the problem by converting the image to a png file.

iOS helpfully converts the HEIC images to JPG when uploading basically everywhere since most places can’t use HEIC format. Apparently OSX doesn’t convert for you. In short, doesn’t work with HEIC but your phone cheats.

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