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Where do long form writers compose your posts?

I’m setting up my and working out how this best fits into my creative flow. I can easily see how it is a replacement for Instagram or Twitter, but I’m struggling with longer blog posts.

I usually insert photos throughout my blog posts to illustrate certain ideas. I understand the main focus is microblogging (it’s in the name), but I did think I’d be able to import and compose longer posts as well (understanding they will be truncated in the feed.) Import is a separate issue so right now I’m just trying to work out where and how I can go about writing longer posts with multiple images.

Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do: I'm not a brand. I'm a human. — Sarah Shotts

I’ve found a way to intersperse text and images with the Sunlight app, but that is a mobile app. I tried the micro.publish Obsidian plugin and it did not import images. Is there a better app for writing long form posts on desktop / with a keyboard?

Many thanks!

Your example presents an easy case, I think, because the images are all full post width. You can include them with markdown, just like everything else. Even easier, you do not appear to use separate captions there, so you don’t even need to add paragraph tags with separate classes for these. (Just have the images uploaded already, and add the image links to your markdown. In some third-party editors, you can include the images on the fly.)

When I moved from, I eliminated some of the featured images I had used just because the various themes I had chosen over the years wanted them. And such images with value I sometimes moved to another spot in the post. Or left them up top.

I also wrote simple flex box css with two columns to group several photos together without them being full-width, unless they are being used on a phone. I started this because I had been doing posts with text on one side and an image on the other, depending on what I was trying to do. So far, I haven’t created separate CSS for captions, except for the list that follows posts like in my first like and this one.

Nothing fancy, no plugins to keep up with. The HTML is easy to add to wherever your snippets are. If you want the HTML and CSS, let me know.

If you have a Mac then you absolutely need MarsEdit. I’ve been using it for decades — first with WordPress and now with Micro.Blog. In the 2023 MicroCamp I did a video about using MarsEdit. Also:

Agreed. I sorely missed MarsEdit when I was blogging at work.

Yes, MarsEdit is my solution as well. I know that Ulysses and iAWriter also support longer form posting, but I am not sure iAWriter handles images at all (I think Ulysses does, but not positive).

MarsEdit, on the other hand, does this all incredibly well.

I’d be able to import and compose longer posts as well

You can, and feel free to open up another thread or ask here about steps for import. They differ depending on where you’re coming from and what content you have.

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Thanks everyone! This is indeed everything I was looking for.

As for importing I have blogs on Squarespace and Substack.

When I tried to import the Squarespace xml only 1-2 images showed up. I should have probably taken a screenshot, but I deleted it without thinking.

I haven’t attempted Substack yet.

Ah, Squarespace I think is notoriously pretty bad at this. I’d follow these instructions to get a wordpress export: Exporting your site – Squarespace Help Center. I think that works. I’ve also heard of some people exporting for Wordpress, importing into a free Wordpress site, then exporting from Wordpress fresh to get a “better formed” Wordpress export than what Squarespace provides.

I am fully unfamiliar with Substack, but it looks like they export into their own format. I don’t think @Manton has built support for this. Substack: Exporting Your Data. - by Jayshree Gururaj. If he hasn’t it does look like Wordpress has, so again, your best bet may be to import into a free Wordpress site and grab a Wordpress export. Import from Substack – Support

Oh, that’s easy enough.

This makes sense because Squarespace Support said, “It works with Wordpress. We can’t make promises of anything else.”

There is a button on the import page for Substack, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I also have a really old Wordpress export before I moved to Squarespace so I’ll look for that too.

If there’s a button on the import page, it means Manton supported the format at some point. But it’s possible the formats have changed-- he generally likes to keep up, so I suspect he’d fix quick if you run into things.

So the WP export did pretty much the same thing as Squarespace regarding images.

There is like a code snippet or something where the image should be?

Example: Sarah Shotts - A wind rose in Charleston, South Carolina. 🍃

For some reason that raw content was read as code (is it heavily indented for some reason)?

Howdy! I compose everything in markdown via the micro blog app, the web browser, but for long entries, I rely on Joplin app, a free open source markdown notebook. I have also used

Then copy-n-paste into micro blog.

Works great for me!