Individual posts aren't indexed by Google

Any ideas on why individual posts of mine aren’t indexed by Google? I’m trying to find a blog post from a few months ago and it’s a struggle. A site-specific search from Google isn’t finding it, and Micro Blog doesn’t have a search function.

Are we not supposed to reference older posts?

There are two ways to disable indexing;

Maybe you had one of those options in use?

To double check these are the known ways to look;

Those usually get the job done for me but I’m unsure if they can work well for everybody.

I don’t know how Google’s indexing works but I have seen people talking about it being delayed or inconsistent. I think there’s a way to check, maybe some sort of Google console for it.

So I actually want the opposite. I do want to be indexed, all the pages. The advice seems to be to be not indexed?

By default everything is indexed so if you’re not using the theme edit or plug-in then it should be working. At that point it depends on how Google works and how works with Google, although AFAIK Manton hasn’t done anything to stop Google from indexing in a way that we wouldn’t know about.

Do you have the plug-in installed or have you made the edit to the theme? It seems like you haven’t done either of those.

You can always build and submit a sitemap to Google.

I’m using the provided Marfa theme, and my posts are individually indexed on Google. I’m not doing anything special AFAIK. The attached screenshot shows an example.

So I’m guessing your issue may be related to the use of specific settings, or plug-in, like @simonwoods suggests.

The best way to figure out what’s going on is using Google’s tool, Search Console.

But if you share one of the posts not indexed, I can have a quick look and see if I can figure out what’s up. Use’s built-in search to find the post (the search bar is on the Posts page).