Individual posts aren't indexed by Google

Any ideas on why individual posts of mine aren’t indexed by Google? I’m trying to find a blog post from a few months ago and it’s a struggle. A site-specific search from Google isn’t finding it, and Micro Blog doesn’t have a search function.

Are we not supposed to reference older posts?

There are two ways to disable indexing;

Maybe you had one of those options in use?

To double check these are the known ways to look;

Those usually get the job done for me but I’m unsure if they can work well for everybody.

I don’t know how Google’s indexing works but I have seen people talking about it being delayed or inconsistent. I think there’s a way to check, maybe some sort of Google console for it.

So I actually want the opposite. I do want to be indexed, all the pages. The advice seems to be to be not indexed?

By default everything is indexed so if you’re not using the theme edit or plug-in then it should be working. At that point it depends on how Google works and how works with Google, although AFAIK Manton hasn’t done anything to stop Google from indexing in a way that we wouldn’t know about.

Do you have the plug-in installed or have you made the edit to the theme? It seems like you haven’t done either of those.

You can always build and submit a sitemap to Google.

I’m using the provided Marfa theme, and my posts are individually indexed on Google. I’m not doing anything special AFAIK. The attached screenshot shows an example.

So I’m guessing your issue may be related to the use of specific settings, or plug-in, like @simonwoods suggests.

The best way to figure out what’s going on is using Google’s tool, Search Console.

But if you share one of the posts not indexed, I can have a quick look and see if I can figure out what’s up. Use’s built-in search to find the post (the search bar is on the Posts page).

I seem to be having the same issue that Joshua is having. I have manually index my 5 main pages using Google Console, but I’d rather not have to manually index each past. Sod, you asked for an old post that isn’t indexing. Not meaning to jump to the front of the line(!), here is one of mine from October: Brian Herriot, Fast Follow Investor - It will take 14.5 years for some investors to recover their Facebook losses Can you tell anything about why my individual posts aren’t being indexed? Thanks so much. -Brian

From my vantage point, nothing is preventing that post from being indexed. For example, running Google’s Rich Results Test ends up with:

Results table showing crawled successfully. Crawled allowed? Yes. Page fetch successful. Indexing allowed? Yes.

So it’s hard to tell, really. The only one who can answer for sure is Google. And you might be able to troubleshoot yourself, as you have access to more of Google’s tools as the website owner.

We mere mortals can only guess. The site is still young, not even two months old, so maybe Google hasn’t really started indexing it on a regular basis yet. Have you submitted your blog’s sitemap.xml?

Thanks so much for the reply! I’ve figured out how to create site map and have it ready to go. Also, I can see how to make it known on Google console. The only step that I cannot figure out is how to place the sitemap XML file in my site’s root directory. Do I do this in microblog? Or at Godaddy where I host the domain? I apologize for what might be a very basic question. I searched around on micoblog’s help and can’t find more info. It looks like I need a “cPanel”.

Hey, you don’t have to apologize for your questions. That’s what this forum is for, asking questions. :blush: The good news is that you don’t have to create a sitemap manually, provides one for you over at

Excellent, thank you! I’m all set. Really appreciate it…

This issue is still plaguing me.

It’s a challenge to troubleshoot what’s going on with this tool from the outside. But one thing that looks a bit odd in the screenshot is that the submited sitemap is served over HTTP, while your website is served over HTTPS. Maybe Search Console chokes on the redirect?

Try adding this URL instead:

Sorry, I should have been more detailed. I tried http after https failed.

Okay. From where I am, everything looks fine. Your sitemap.xml is accessible and your site is crawlable. Google’s publicly available tools, like the Mobile-Friendly Test seem to handle your blog okay.

Maybe a live URL test can give us a clue as to what is going on?