Inconsistent View between Mb app and desktop browser Book discovery timeline

This is a followup to a conversation with @jean about some posts apparently not showing up in the Books discovery timeline. I thought a concrete example might help.

This is the original post (from an externally hosted blog), posted Dec 19 2022, 8:58 pm Pacific Time.

On the macOS app, I see the post on the Books discovery timeline:

But it does not appear when I go to the Books discovery timeline on the web browser:

Notice also that a post from toddgrotenhuis appears on the app, but not on the browser. The browser timeline appears to only get posts connected to the Bookshelves (“Finished reading”, “currently reading”, etc).

In case it helps.

I can confirm I see the discrepancy as well. The two clients fetch the timeline differently. On the web, is the source, while the Mac app uses

@manton will have to look into this and harmonize the two feeds.

Mine is not using the official books function (I can’t get it to match books well enough or support my Bookshop links).

In this case, could it be because the top view is anything with :books:, and the bottom is the m.b book functionality?

This is weird! Thanks for letting us know. It’s true that the backend code is a little different between the web and apps, so something must’ve gotten out of sync. We’ll get this fixed.

Thank you for looking into this!

BTW, the original discussion mentioned that the Books view from Gluon was also different (I believe the poster said it looked similar to the web). So this issue is apparently affecting third-party M.b apps as well – probably depending on which url to the books feed that they use.

Thanks. The web version of and third-party apps use the same data, so I expect those should be the same.

FYI my books are all bookshop links. I search on bookshop then search the ISBN of the listing on That works consistently and lets me use the MB covers while linking to bookshop with my affiliate link.

I’m not sure how to do this in the system? There isn’t a URL option on the books page, just Title/Author/ISBN? e.g.:

Or are you hitting the “start a new blog post” and then changing the book url to the bookshop url…but the books function still catches and counts that?