Including photos

Posts on can contain photos. For short posts without a title, will show any inline photos directly in the timeline.

To post a photo on the web, click “New Post”, then click the camera icon to select a photo to upload. You can also use the native iOS or macOS app to post photos, or a third-party app. defaults to including the text of your post first, followed by one or more photos. If you’d like to mix text and photos in a different order, you can edit the post on the web under Posts to change the HTML, or use another app such as our app Sunlit for iOS or Quill on the web.

Photos in a post use standard HTML img tags. We recommend you always specify width and height attributes if you are composing the HTML yourself.’s cross-posting checks the photo size and skips anything smaller than 100x100 to avoid accidentally posting icons or tracking pixels that are sometimes present in external blogs.

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