Improving Debirdify redirecting

Sites like Debirdify link to a handle like as which produces a “Not Found” page. A redirect for /@me doesn’t work either.

Would it be tough to make /@me (or /@*) redirect to’s redirect functionality not handing /@me as a From path is probably a bug @manton can get rid of.

Until then, I see that you’re using Cloudflare for your apex domain, So if you’re willing to use them for as well, you could set up your redirect over there.

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Good point on Cloudflare, thanks - I’ve added it and turned on a redirect rule. It would be great if this could be a little more universal since I think others may be impacted by it, but I’m happy to find a way to work around it for myself for now.

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You should be able to add a redirect manually for /@me under the Pages page. But if I’m understanding things, I think the bug is in Debirdify. There is no assumption in ActivityPub that maps to That’s an implementation detail in Mastodon. In, the full ActivityPub URLs are, and other apps should be able to figure this out and link correctly.

Are you sure there’s no bug when @ is included in the redirect From path? I couldn’t get it to work when I experimented yesterday, but as soon as I removed the @ the redirect started to work.

Oh sorry, you’re right… I misunderstood the “bug” part above. I’m fixing to allow “@” in paths.

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Looks like Debirdify pulls the webfinger looking for (which e.g. Mastodon returns) but falls back when not found, which is the case. debirdify/ at 388471fbbec7a07de13944778ec593d47645dd3b · pruvisto/debirdify · GitHub

Perhaps worth adding to the response?

Interesting, thanks for tracking this down! I kind of still think this is a bug in Debirdify but it’s easy for me to add an extra rel for profile-page to our WebFinger responses… I’ll make that change today.

Here’s another one, it looks like Fedifinder tries to load /.well-known/host-meta to identify the webfinger URL. Here’s an example of’s response to it:

HTTP/2 200
# <snip>
content-type: application/xrd+xml; charset=utf-8

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<XRD xmlns="">
  <Link rel="lrdd" template="{uri}"/>

I’m guessing making this file exist would help out that particular service as well; right now it reports people as Maybe down, maybe not Fediverse. Error: 404.0.

I was curious to see where it was introduced in Mastodon – if there was some indication of why – and it basically dates back to the beginning of the project. Perhaps there’s services out there that vary the ‘well-known’ webfinger path? That seems unlikely…