Importing subset of Tweets

Would it be possible to import only a selection of tweets from the downloaded Twitter archive into Because I have been crossposting my posts from to Twitter for years, importing all tweets would result in a lot of duplicates…

There’s a roundabout way of doing it right now if you have MarsEdit and know when you started crossposting your posts.

Ah! I have MarsEdit (as part of setapp) but don’t use it that often. Perhaps you could lend me a hand, or point me in the right direction then?

Sure. First, import your full Twitter archive to and then add that Tweet blog to MarsEdit. All tweet-posts should show up there. From there, you can selectively delete any post you don’t want in your new tweet blog. Use the search parameters or sort the posts by date to delete in bulk. Unfortunately, as @danielpunkass mentioned, there isn’t a way to fine-tune the search in MarsEdit yet, but hopefully, there will be soon.

Thanks, that’s a lot easier than I thought it would be :slight_smile: .

Pretty similar as the way I back up my posts into Day One (import the whole archive first, keep only the new ones, since there no incremental backup option yet)

You can use IFTTT for daily (incremental) import to DayOne. There are some limitations (only the first photo is imported).