Importing posts from

I’m wondering if there is a safe way to import my old blog posts from to

Any suggestion / idea?

I thought had an export format but now I’m not finding it. If you’re able to export your posts, can you forward a copy to

If there aren’t a lot of posts, importing by adding it as a RSS feed to your account could work too. Account → Edit Sources, and check the copy option.

Thanks for suggestion, I moved my articles using the RSS import feature. It worked very well.

Now I’m curious why you’re jumping from If you don’t mind my asking?

Jumping on this thread as I was looking for an answer to the same question. I think I’ve got too many posts to import via RSS. does allow you to export posts as csv or txt files. There’s a json option too for users+blogs+posts. You can access that from the export page.

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Thanks for the link. We’ll add support for importing this JSON format.

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That’s great, thanks @manton is great, but I personally prefer due to its social community. :wink:

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Just revisiting the idea of moving posts from my old blog across to Did support for this format ever get added?

Sorry, I was experimenting with this but haven’t finished it yet. I will try to wrap it up soon! import has now been added.