Importing Posts from old

I cancelled my plan last year and have decided to come back (yay) but I can’t find a way to import the posts from my old blog. - @joshd has all of my old posts, but I can’t seem to get a feed to import to the new blog. Is there a feed URL I can use to get hold of these?


I should add that my old blog was but the new one is because it wouldn’t let me create the former again.

Hi Josh, thanks for returning! Do you still have access to sign in to the old blog? If so, you can export your posts. From the web, it’s probably easiest to export as WordPress format, then sign in to the new account and import that. The app for macOS has some more options including the “blog archive format” which contains the images too (although will try to download them if they’re still online).

If you have any trouble, send me an email to because it might be easier to follow up that way.