Importing Jekyll Markdown Files

I am attempting to import my Jekyll Blog Markdown files into

I’m not sure if things are working. I’ve put all of the markdown files into a zip file and uploaded them. I used my existing blog domain name for the “domain name” field instead of my microblog domain.

I’ve noticed that a few of the posts were imported (maybe 3 of 121).

Should I have used my microblog domain for the “domain name” field?
Is there a way to see which posts imported and which failed?
Is there another way (a tool perhaps) that can do this import for me?

I’d rather not have to manually add these posts. I’m lazy. :wink:


I’ve been retrying, but in much smaller batched and this way seems to be working. At least so far.

I followed up in email, but wanted to post a couple notes here for other folks that might come across it:

  • The domain name field is only used for redirecting old blog post URLs. After the import is working, if you plan to move a domain name to be hosted on, this will help know which domain name was used for the old URLs and redirect them. It doesn’t really affect the import process itself.
  • Check the Account → View logs page when an import is running for some clues about what is doing.

Because there are a lot of different formats used by other blog systems, most likely there is something in the front matter that is confusing We can often work around those issues when I find out about them.

I think I’ve figured out my issue. It happens to be the front matter. I have a number of posts that use a YAML (style) list for tags like this:

- homebrew
- beer

Removing these styles of lists makes the importer much happier.