Importing content from WithKnown or Known CMS?

Does someone have experience migrating content from a WithKnown or Known CMS to

The RSS export of WithKnown does not seem to work as a transport to import the contents from a Known site to

Alternatively one would have to import everything using a custom API script?

I have no experience with Known CMS but has support for importing content from Instagram, WordPress, Medium, and Markdown files. There are links to the different options from the table of contents.

Unless Known CMS can export to one of these “formats,” you could:

  1. Convert the Known CMS export to another format, like Markdown files. Maybe there’s a ready-to-be-run script out there, our you will have to produce your own.
  2. As you’ve mentioned yourself, you could write a script to import the content using’s API.
  3. I don’t know, but maybe WordPress can import content from Known CMS? If so, you could temporarily set up a WordPress blog, import your content there, export it from WordPress, and import it into :sweat_smile:

Using WordPress as a temporary format in between is probably a good place to start. Also @johanbove, if you don’t mind sharing your Known RSS export to, I can look at whether there are minor changes we could make to support it in the future.’s WordPress import is technically RSS, but it assumes that the WordPress-only tags are in there.

Appreciating the replies. E-mail to will be on its way in a jiffy. Was looking at how to use the /micropub endpoint for moving everything, but first I had to figure out how to properly get everything in json format from Known CMS. Looking at the RSS coming out of the export function from Known I can already see a problem: all items are of post_type “post”, while the JSON export has the proper JSON feed attributes. But the problem with the JSON exports is that for “status” message the text_content is shortened. So an export won’t work directly and work will be necessary in Known.

JSON export: known/shell.tpl.php at 543ff0e35c8576abff8637d711b056afe08474c1 · idno/known · GitHub

RSS migration code: known/Migration.php at 543ff0e35c8576abff8637d711b056afe08474c1 · idno/known · GitHub

So the better way is for Known to get a full export to the JSON feed format working. Will see if I can get this started. Or we fix the RSS export to include the type tags.