Importing books/reading stats mid-year

Hey! I hope this hasn’t been addressed elsewhere. I’m just getting started with and its bookshelves feature. Although I’ve set my reading goal for 2023 and added books as ‘read’ with the correct dates, my progress still shows 0 books read towards this year’s goal. Is there a way to update this data to display the accurate numbers? Ideally, I would like to transfer my Goodreads statistics over.

Hmm, so deleted the books (doh!) and tried GoodReads import but that seems to be broken.

In order for it to count toward your goal, you have to write a blog post about each book you finish reading, even if the post only contains the default text “Finished Reading [Book Name].”

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Oh! Missed that part. Thanks for the clarification. Guess that makes it bit harder… but challenging :slight_smile:

The intent of this site is to help you blog more often :wink: