Importer updates for Instagram & Foursquare

Hi there,

Was wondering if there has been an update to the importer since I notified Instagram & Foursquare/Swarm imports not working (and shared archive)

Would it make sense to generate new archives and try again? Or hasn’t there been any changes

The MB side of things hasn’t been updated. I’ve noticed folks saying that newer exports miss posts and possibly other data — unfortunately this is one of those things in which we’re relying on these companies caring about the export feature, which they likely don’t at all.

These companies provide exports, but looks like the format changes regularly, probably because they do not like the data to be imported elsewhere. Last time I tried to import Instagram and Foursquare/Swarm into, nothing was imported. Have shared my Foursquare export with Manton. Twitter export worked fine, and is on my now.

I haven’t had any luck downloading my Instagram archive this week. Something has changed and it seems buggy. I’ll update our importer whenever I can get access and confirm what has changed.

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