Import multiple twitter archives

Hi All,

I want to migrate ALL of my twitter accounts to

But when I import the second one it overwrites the first one.

How can I create a blog per import?

The goal is to import all of my archives. Preferably into different blogs.


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Roland creates a free extra blog by default, and if you want multiple tweet archives you will need to create extra blogs to hold them. Those will be billed at $5/month like a normal blog. Make sure to name them with the format The “-tweets” part is handled in a special way by

You can create new blogs by clicking Plans → New Blog.

Hi @manton, et. al.,

I created a new/second/additional blog and then tried to import the additional tweets into that blog, but this message suggests that it will still overwrite the import for the first blog.

Am I missing something?

What I would have expected is …

  • First blog:
  • First import:
  • Second blog:
  • Second import:


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Found the problem. Had to name the new/additional blog right (innolocity-tweets).

Can you delete the innolocity blog and the subscription again?

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Never mind. Found it.

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Great, glad it’s working now. Managing multiple tweets blogs is a little confusing so maybe that’s something we can improve.