Import from Twitter?

Is it possible to import my entire Twitter history from an archive? I’m ok with multiple-step conversions (convert Twitter archive to Wordpress then import to if someone knows what procedure will work.


If you can find a Twitter → WordPress migration, and then import that into, that is probably the best way to go. Early versions of did have direct Twitter import, but we ended up removing the feature because so many people who used it decided later that they didn’t want their tweets in after all, especially if they had 10s of thousands of tweets. Perhaps it’s something we can revisit later, such as hosting a separate archive that exists apart from the blog posts.

I have 168,199 tweets (no, I don’t know how that happened either) and I do want to import the entire kit.

Feature idea to address the user need you mentioned: Possibly tag them on import and have the ability to delete all posts under a given tag?

That is a lot of tweets. :slightly_smiling_face: I would recommend waiting until there’s a way to tag them (batch delete is a good idea too). In the old import, we had a setting to filter out retweets which also helps. Having that many tweets won’t play nicely with our default Archive page, although that can be customized.

I’m looking again at options to import the file and store it separately so that it doesn’t mix with other blog posts. I think that will be useful to the most people since you can have an archive of your tweets without the overhead of managing them.

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(I’ve been buying your stuff since Wii Transfer; keep up the good work!)