Import from Instagram

The latest version of the for Mac app can open an archive of your Instagram photos and import them to your blog. will add individual blog posts for each Instagram photo, using the photo caption and date on Instagram for each microblog post. (No location information or other data about your photos is uploaded to

Watch this video to see an overview of Instagram import.

To get this archive from Instagram, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to on the web.
  • Click this link to view the Request Download page.
  • Instagram will prompt for the email address to deliver a link to the .zip file of all your photos.

After you have the .zip file, double-click on it on your Mac to uncompress it if it wasn’t automatically unzipped by your web browser. Then you’re ready to import:

  • In for Mac, choose File → Import from Instagram.
  • Navigate to the downloaded archive folder and select the media.json file.

You can now select a few or all of your photos to import. We recommend starting with just a few to test that everything is working well, and then go back to import additional batches of photos to your blog. will use the current blog you have configured to post to in the app.

A note about multiple-photo posts on Instagram: The archive from Instagram doesn’t appear to include the text from Instagram posts that have more than 1 photo. They are also split into multiple blog posts. If you’d like to fix this to combine multiple blog posts, you can edit or delete them from your blog.

FYI, Instagram has since updated this process and now asks if you’d like to export as HTML or JSON. I couldn’t find the “media.json” file, instead it looks like they’re providing a “posts.json” file. Not sure how this impacts the upload process on the MB end but I wasn’t able to import my photos using that file.

Thanks, sounds like we will have to adapt our import to work with the new file format. I’ll download my archive and test with it.

Here’s a beta release of for macOS with the change to work with Instagram’s new JSON export file format. It only works with photos, not videos yet.

I just used the above beta release to import my IG photos and it worked…mostly. The main problem is that IG posts with multiple photos seem to have identical creation dates, so when imported into, they all show up under Posts, but only one shows up on my timeline. Perhaps IG photos that are grouped together in a single post should be imported together into a single post.

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I just used this beta to import my activity as well. Most post text came over but much of the punctuation is off. For example, “I’m your huckleberry.” instead of “I’m your huckleberry.”

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ironic observation: on the import side INTO IG: they actually baned posting multiple photos together in around 2019 (i.e. ‘Carousels’ aka ‘Albums’), to the great annoyance of 3rd party posters like Buffer & Hootsuite.
So M.b would be one-upping IG if it allowed this, which would be sublime!

where you importing Val Kilmer’s feed XD

Importing multiple photos from an instagram post into a single post would indeed be sublime.

can we make it happen?!
I’m often doing carousels, like on my ‘9 posts about’ launch posts on and would save me having to manually create a blog post with the back-pics

I’ve been looking at support for multiple photos in a single post again, but I don’t think we can support it right now. I think the best thing for now is to ship this fix so that Instagram import at least works again, and maybe revisit it again in the future if the file format remains stable. (I don’t want to keep chasing Instagram changes, and also I think long-term it would be better if this wasn’t Mac-only.)


can anyone confirm if new Instagram import is working well, and what it does for Carousel posts?

FWIW it still works (December 2021). The file for me was posts_1.json inside the Content folder. The importer even captured the photos tag.

The current downside is none of them are on my Photos page. But for now I managed to find a work around.

  1. Open a post.
  2. Save changes. (Even if you edit nothing.)
  3. Navigate to Pages/Photos in the Micro.Blog sidebar.
  4. Click on Update Page

It will take time to do this one-by-one, and unfortunately, as far as I can tell, once I leave an old post, Micro.Blog reloads on the first page of the archive. So I have to then navigate several pages. Not the end of the world, and obviously still a huge win to get my photos off of Instagram.

is it possible to trial Instagram import it in test page @manton ?

@warner Probably best to import into a test blog. I also recommend just importing a few photos at a time to see how it goes.

How long should I expect an import to take to arrive on my blog, on my photos page, and categories page? I did a test of 2 posts, and my memory says it took some hours. Then I did a test of 7 or 8 posts … either yesterday morning or Sunday. Those still have not landed.

I did an import of eight photos just now. I had to manually rebuild the site, but after that, the imported posts showed up as expected. A complete rebuild is relatively fast. Seconds or minutes, not hours or days. :blush:

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That did it. Thanks for the pointer!

Thanks y’all. Glad it worked, and I’ll look into why the “rebuild” was necessary. Ideally it should just work without that.

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