Implementing a guestbook / contact form

Hi to you all,
I’m trying to configure a page with some code generated from to implement a guestbook and contact me form. The generated code, pure HTML code, added to a page doesn’t fully render… the form breaks in the middle with no message field or send button. Is this something that MB / Hugo doesn’t support?

Contact Me

Fill up the form below to send me a message.

Full Name
Email Address
Your Message
        <textarea rows="5" name="message" id="message" placeholder="Your Message" class="w-full px-3 py-2 placeholder-gray-300 border border-gray-400 rounded-md focus:outline-none focus:ring focus:ring-indigo-100 focus:border-indigo-500 dark:bg-gray-700 dark:text-white dark:placeholder-gray-500 dark:border-gray-600 dark:focus:ring-gray-900 dark:focus:border-gray-500" required></textarea>
      <div class="mb-6">
        <button type="submit" class="w-full px-3 py-4 text-white bg-indigo-700 rounded-md focus:bg-indigo-600 focus:outline-none">
          Send Message
      <p class="text-base text-center text-gray-400" id="result"></p>

I don’t know about rendering issues, but that looks stuffed with tailwindcss classes and those absolutely will not style.

HTML forms should render, but without some backing service and JavaScript it’s not going to do anything.

Maybe a copy/paste error somewhere, or something not encoded right…? Forms like that should definitely work in

Where are you putting the HTML? The only other thing that might be tripping it up is if the paste starts with tabs and is converted via Markdown to a code block instead of just HTML.