Img tags in external feed.json not showing up in posts

This is a follow up to this post on moving from an M.b. hosted site to an external site.

I created the external site and added the feed to my M.b. account to have posts from that site show up on my profile.

The latest two posts contain the body of the posts but not the img that’s inside a div in each of those posts. From what I read in the help pages I expected any img tags in the body would appear inline.

I can’t tell from looking at feed.json why the images are missing.

The feed is here and you can see the two new posts missing images on my profile.

I’d appreciate any pointers (: requires the img tags to have a full URL starting with https://. The relative paths can’t be resolved right now, although that’s something I’d like to improve.

Ah, got it, thanks! I can fix that (already did). Will the current posts fix themselves when reads the updated feeds? Or is there something I can do to make that happen?

When updating posts in the timeline, will only incorporate changes that have been made within the last 24 hours by default. However, you can click “Remove” in and then it will add it back with the latest version from your external blog feed.

Thanks @manton. That worked.
I did remove the posts on but they didn’t reappear until I published a new post that got added to the feed, but then the new one and the two I removed all appeared.

That sounds right, because won’t actually re-download the feed if it hasn’t changed.

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