Images not loading


I’ve sent two emails now with no response so I am trying here.

Images on my blog are hit and miss if they load - rebuilding the site helps for a while but before long they are gone again.

Podcast audio only loads some times, and the hosting doesn’t work with iTunes.

Does anyone have any ideas to fix these constant issues?

I’m looking into this. Until it’s resolved, I highly recommend enabling the CDN in the Design screen. That will load the photos from the CDN which avoids this bug.

Thanks Manton, I’ll try that.

as a follow up @manton this issue is still present.

I thought it had fixed it, but may have been from the rebuild when changing the setting.

Some images load, some don’t.

I checked your site and the CDN was still disabled. I’ve enabled it, not seeing any problems with photos loading now on the Photos page.

I’ve been looking into this and the images that load consistently are from the CDN.

However on my photos page most are still linked to the domain name. Is there a way to force to go through and change to the CDN links?

I thought about doing a find and replace but I don’t want to get wrong and break things