Image URLs

Did my image URLs just go from absolute to relative? Because Safari ain’t having it. The page HTML has the image source starting with “uploads” rather than “

Adding some screenshots:

That didn’t change, unless there was a bug somewhere. Is it only for that 1 post, or for many posts? If it’s only for 1 post, it’s probably best to edit it to fix the relative image reference.

— Manton

See what you see at this category page … it seems to have randomly affected a significant portion of the essays. Wanna rule out some weird caching issue by making sure you also load a page with some images missing and others not.

Update: plus, editing may not affect anything, the post loaded into the editing interface has the absolute URLs. I will see what happens if I “save” it to initiate a build.

Another update: curious if something may have changed with regard to the acceptance of the old absolutes “” vs the absolutes used after securing “”

Yet another update: now I am getting the images loading for the posts, but not the category page … maybe something went batty with my theme’s truncated post template

I’ve got the same problem. Links to some images have become relative in the rendered posts, though the full url is still in the original markdown. That doesn’t affect my main timeline, but when you view a category it inserts the category path in front of the image path, so that the image urls break. See: Tim Sherratt · Glamworkbench

Recent posts seem ok, but most of the older ones are affected.

Ok nevermind – I just made a minor edit to one of the affected posts. Saved it. And now all the images are back. Weird.

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Same thing happened to me … all my images were back the next morning.