Image Description is not cross posting with the image

Hi, I’m new here and I’m thinking of using Micro Blog as the central place where my posts start. I’ve set up a simple account and enabled cross posting for Twitter and Mastodon. When I published an image on MB and cross posted it, the image description that I entered did not appear on Twitter or Mastodon.

Here is a Tweet that I sent from MB:

Here is a Toot that I sent from MB: Joseph Simpson: "I’m posting this with the macOS Micro Blog app. I…" - Wider Web

If you look at the posts linked above, they do not include the description / alt text.

Is there a way to have this data post with the image?

I guess’s cross-posting feature simply lacks support for alt texts. So @manton would have to implement that.

You could use a third-party solution, like Bridgy, or roll your own.

If you’re posting to Mastodon or Twitter, and your <img> tag includes alt="..." , Bridgy will pass on that alt text and it will be included with the picture in your tweet or toot.

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Yep, needs to be updated to pass alt text to Twitter. I believe this uses a different API, which is why it wasn’t a simple change for us to make. Definitely want to do this.


Neat, I didn’t know about Bridgy. It looks super cool

and hopefully Mastodon?

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