Image border-radius issue with Marfa

There seems to be a regression in the Marfa template. Images have rounded corners on the bottom and squared corners at the top. All corners were previously rounded. I have:

border-radius: 5px;

for both img and article img. Not sure where the issue is coming from.

It’s caused by the padding applied to images. You fix it in your custom CSS by setting padding-top to initial or 0. And hopefully, @manton will fix this upstream.

article img {
  padding-top: initial;

That fixed it. Thank you Sven!

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Sorry if this is bad forum etiquette, but can I jump in here and ask a related question: would it be feasible to tweak the /photos page (specifically on a custom theme based on Marfa) so that all images are displayed in square format? I just like the grid more than a masonry look, but I still want the freedom to post landscape & portrait orientation images. This feels possible to me — possibly through changes to layouts/list.photoshtml.html, but I’m gun-shy when it comes to this stuff (because I’m more likely to break something than achieve my desired result!).