Image alt text?

I have been posting photos to my hosted account from the iOS Sunlit app, and adding an “Accessibility Description” to each photo before posting. But when I look at the post source the img alt tag is an empty string.

For example, take a look at Elegant Newt

If I edit the post using the web interface and add a non-empty alt tag string, the post works as expected, for example Elegant Newt

Why is the description not being included in the markup? Am I just not understanding how this works?

I have also had this issue for some time now. This must be a bug.

This is a bug in Sunlit. It works correctly in all the other apps, but I think we need to do a bug fix update for Sunlit.

I cloned the Sunlit repo and fixed the bug. I would like to create a PR but I’m not sure what branch to base my fix on. Should I just create a branch off of master?

Excellent, thank you! A pull request on master will be great. The branches need a little cleanup but we can sort it out.

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