If new themes are going to be treated as plugins, do I clone the blank theme or start from a new repository?

@pimoore has been talking about making a theme and had me thinking about making one as well.

I’ve seen the video on making themes, but I was under the impression that themes will no be implemented as a plugin and wanted to know what I should keep in mind.

I know Ink is the latest theme. Should I base my new theme off of those layouts?

There’s no need to clone the “blank” theme, because Micro.blog automatically applies any of the templates in “blank” to your theme if they don’t exist. It does this every time you post to your blog. You should only include those templates in your theme if you really need to modify their behavior, like a very special JSON Feed or archive page.

As for getting started… I think I would start with the “default” theme and customize from there. Most of the themes are based on other Hugo themes and customized for Micro.blog. So if there’s a similar Hugo theme you can find (on https://themes.gohugo.io) that is another way to start.

We definitely need more guides for themes so let us know if you have any questions!