I want an RSS feed import only in the category page (edits)

I might be asking the question differently, which is why I can’t find an answer… scratching my head

How do I prevent an RSS feed I just added to show on the main blog, and only on the category page? I have the Movies page set up working and nice with the category filter, but whenever I refresh (or this happens automatically), the posts are added to the main blog AND the movies page. I want those to go only to the movies page.

5/30, edit: Now that I think of this, I realize this is maybe not how things are intended to work. Categories are meant to break down posts that go into the general blog into “boxes.” This is how it works for photos, for example - you post a photo, blog about it, and then it goes into the photos page. The same can be done with books, etc.

If I want a specific RSS feed to only be imported into a category page, then I need to have the RSS import mechanism work from that page, not from the main account settings on the blog. So now the question becomes - is this something I can do with a shortcode or similar? What component does that in MB, and can it be “planted” into a specific page?