I think I broke my Mastodon-compatible username 🙁

I have already read the article at the Help Center, but could not find an answer. Could you please shade some light on the situation below?

When I started my Micro.blog, I set the vladcampos.net URL and created the @mastodon@vladcampos.net Mastodon-compatible username.

I couple of days ago, I changed my Mb URL to timeline.vladcampos.eu to make it more in line with my URL naming system.

I’m aware it is not possible to change the Mastodon username, and that’s ok, but I think changing the Mb URL broke my Mastodon username. People cannot find my Mastodon-compatible username and posts anymore. I also tried it and there’s no @mastodon@vladcampos.net Mastodon user to be found.

Is there a way to fix this? I should I do?

Thank you.

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I can reset your username. This doesn’t happen automatically because it requires Mastodon users to re-follow your account, but I think we need to add some warnings or other guidance in Micro.blog to make this more clear.

Let me know if I should reset your username. Your new username will need to be something@timeline.vladcampos.eu so that it matches.

I understand and agree to the conditions. And yes, I think the warning is a good idea.

Please reset it to:

Thank you!

This has been reset and you can update it on the Account screen now.

It worked. Thank you. However, there’s one thing that is not right. I changed my avatar on Mb, but people at Mastodon are still seeing the old one. Is this a problem on Mastodon’s side?

I expect that Mastodon is caching the profile photo for a time. Some of the Micro.blog apps also may not update to the new profile photo right away. If it doesn’t resolve itself on the Mastodon side after a few hours or a day, let me know.

Hi @manton, it’s now more than 2 days and the avatar hasn’t changed. To give you more context, I’ve been trying this for a while before contacting you. And although I have changed the Mb picture sometimes in the past, they would never show in Mastodon. The picture there is and was always the first one I set here on Mb.

You see the latest correct avatar if you view this, right? https://micro.blog/vladcampos/avatar.jpg

I checked your account info at the response that Mastodon is calling, and it looks correct. I also checked your account on Mastodon.social and it’s using a cached URL on Mastodon of the old avatar. Then I checked a different Mastodon server, Mastodon.online, and it found the new avatar. So I think this is just Mastodon.social caching. Hopefully it’ll resolve soon.