I have my domain, how do I change my Mastodon-compatible username?

When I started here, I created jtr@micro.blog, and as far as I can tell this still works fine.

But I see folks here have something like @, and I want to have jtr@taonaw.com, which is my domain.

I can’t seem to add an alias, since this is to work with an external mastodon account, I got that part. So how do I change it? Is the only way to reset my mastodon name?

and also, do I need to change my comments.js plug-in setting to reflect the domain?

I looked at the documentations but I’m still confused :-/

To use your own domain name, you have to reset the ActivityPub username. This effectively “deletes” your account/posts from Mastodon, letting you recreate it with your own domain name. Anyone already following you will need to re-follow you.

I’d like to figure out how to make this less of a drastic change, but there’s no easy way to do that within Mastodon’s architecture right now.

OK. At least I don’t have this many followers here yet (I don’t think - but this is for Mastodon anyway), so no huge deal. I’ll go ahead and reset it.

Thanks again!!

So now I see my user at my domain, but when I try to follow back from my mastodon account, it says it’s pending approval…?

Is there something in MB that I forgot to click a check box for?


The way Mastodon works, it waits for a response to “approve” the follow, but it’s automatic. There’s nothing else you need to do. I did notice that there’s a backlog of activity sent between Micro.blog and Mastodon today, so it’s taking longer than usual. It should automatically update later.

thanks for clarifying…

I’m starting to collect these answers I’m getting into my wiki :slight_smile:

A quick update on this: mastodon.social was slow or down yesterday due to an apparent server attack. This (combined with a bug on the Micro.blog side) caused some delays in ActivityPub requests. We temporarily delayed sending posts to mastodon.social until the issue was resolved.

There are still some delays this morning that we’re working through. I expect everything to be fast again shortly. Any follow requests or posts that didn’t show up in Mastodon right away will still go through.

Thanks for your patience.

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@manton Is it still the case that resetting the username will delete all posts and followers will have to re-follow? I’d like to go to an @jarrod@heydingus.net username, but don’t want to go through that messiness. I can be patient if you think it’ll be possible to do a cleaner migration.

Yes, it’s still the case that resetting the username will require followers to re-follow. I’d like for it to be more seamless than that, essentially “migrating” between the usernames, but don’t have an estimate for when that will be ready yet.

No worries. I’ll watch this thread in case anything changes!