I got an email saying my account would be deleted for spam

I don’t know what triggered this spam thing but I want to start out by saying I am not spamming anyone!

I’ve responded to an automated email but I wanted to post I here for fear of getting even more locked out. I currently can’t post to my new blog :frowning:

I’ll repost what I sent in the email to describe my situation.

  1. I started a microblog called AEOP a while back
  2. I posted to it once
  3. I had an idea for a new blog that I was super excited about, called The World Eater
  4. I tried to change everything about my AEOP blog to make it in to my new idea called the world eater
  5. So I changed the username and the website and the avatar
  6. But no matter what i did in settings the new website URL i entered in to the web site field (in account) didn’t do anything, didn’t resolve to a different URL
  7. The blog theme changed a bunch but it always had that aeop.micro.blog URL
  8. I thought of reaching out to support to alter that URL but then I figured since I wasn’t using the old AEOP blog anyway, why not just close that account and start a new one?That I new would work
  9. So i did that
  10. I left a message in the feedback for why i was cancelling my old account detailing this btw
  11. Then I got this @theworldeater is being disabled for spam email, and freaked the hell out.

Just a few thoughts as to what may have triggered the spam thing

  • closing an old account after changing the username, then opening a new account in the new username
  • Uploading the beautiful Infini webfont by Sandrine Nugue and linking to it from the stylesheet of my custom theme
  • Doing a bunch of edits to various bits of the theme in the the theme editors and refreshing a bunch
  • Working on a VPN sometimes

Nothing that I would in anyway consider spam btw, and I should point out all things that Micro.blog provided tools for me to do.

tagging @manton as that’s what a lot of posts in this forum suggest :slight_smile:

Hmm…checked my logs at Micro.blog. to see if I could see anything upon there, certainly nothing that’s flagged.

I do wonder if making frequent edits in the browser to my theme files is what triggered this… seems extreme though.

I can also see two photo uploads in the log which are not showing on the site.

2022-09-08 16:06:52: Micropub: Upload media Corin_a_world_eater_a_giant_oozing_planet_with_continent-sized__a6c2be4a-f032-4acb-bf70-81a757ebdf76 2.PNG

2022-09-08 16:05:53: Micropub: Upload media world eater rise-min.png

Sorry about this. We have been working to clean up spam accounts and I think your account was flagged incorrectly. We noticed it right away and I fixed it so that it wouldn’t delete your account, but we don’t yet have an automated way of relying “never mind, all good”. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll double-check your account and reply via email. Thanks!

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Thanks so much @manton :pray: