I can not edit a post

I need to edit this post:

I can not find it, when I hit edit it brings up a different post

Can you search for the post in the Posts screen on the web and see if it shows up there? I’ve never heard of the Edit button not working from that screen.

I probably broke it with an iframe. I will try,

I can search for it: https://micro.blog/account/posts/29546?q=apporved but the edit button goes to: https://micro.blog/account/posts/29546/edit/1415201

I tried to delete it and it deleted the wrong post.

What do you mean about an iframe? To my knowledge there’s no way for Micro.blog to edit or delete the wrong post. I guess I’m confused.

I used an iframe in that post to embed a pdf. That is the only delta difference from any other post

@manton Can I hard delete the post on the back end?

Do you mind emailing help@micro.blog with the details? I’m still confused about this and don’t want to accidentally delete the wrong thing!