I Broke my Newsletter Subscribe Page


My newsletter subscription function is broken. I suspect this is because I accidentally deleted the page. I tried re-adding the /Subscribe page, and I tried toggling the newsletter on and off, but this didn’t bring fix my goof.

My newsletter directs to: https://micro.blog/users/subscribe/4020 and I get a “not found” dialog.

Can anyone suggest a fix? Thanks!

Hey Cheri,

I successfully subscribed just now. Could it have been a temporary glitch?

The link you provided indeed returns a 404 not found error, but I think that’s intended. That URL expects a post request (a form submission).

I’ve added it back here: Hypertext Monster - Subscribe

Even before I did that, the subscribe form you had on your home page still worked for me. The subscribe page is designed so that you can delete or change it and everything should still work. As @sod said that special /users/subscribe/4020 URL is what receives the posted form data.

In the future, if you want to recreate the subscribe page, it should work to first delete any existing subscribe pages, and then disable and re-enable the email subscriptions feature. It is supposed to recreate the default Subscribe page for you. Lemme know if there’s ever a problem after that.

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Hey @manton and @sod.

It’s fixed! Thanks. And I deleted your test signups from my newsletter list. We did some additional testing this morning and I suspect what happened is:

  1. I regenerated the page by turning the newsletter on and off. (And it was likely fixed at that point)

  2. I tested it, and it still didn’t work (for me) because my “Multi-Account Containers” plugin in Firefox threw up an error.

Thanks for your help! I suppose this was my lesson in testing multiple browsers to see where the errors live. :slight_smile: