Hugo 0.91 & RSS Feed Post Title

Can someone tell me how to modify what is returning when generating RSS feed items? Since switching to Hugo 0.91, post title includes my Micro blog name and a trailing - at the end. Thanks. Also, the thumbnail support seems to have changed as it is no longer generated when pasting post URL into Craft.

layouts/_default/rss.xml is the template. You can check and edit that.

My theme is enabled via the Hello Theme plugin… by editing the theme, I need to download it first, make the change then upload it on MB, right?

I haven’t used a theme via plugin, but I think you can just click “edit custom theme” and make adjustments from that point. Any change you make though will probably “fork” you from the plug in theme so you may not get updates. Not 100% how that works.

Editing plug-ins is still a rough area that I hope to improve this week. Currently if you edit a plug-in template via Edit Custom Themes, then later upgrade the plug-in, your changes will be lost. This wasn’t my intention and is a priority to fix.