How to use the Help Center

All the official Help documents have now been converted to Topics in this forum. You can search for answers or browse the table of contents. You can also add new topics with your questions.

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For an introduction to using, check out our official Welcome page. Please note that posts will be covered by the community guidelines.


I have some questions about using the forums vs other feedback channels but I’m unsure if you want any replies in this thread at all? I’d be happy to start a separate thread if that would work better.

Go ahead and ask here. It’s early days for the Help Center forum format, and I think we are starting getting a feel for how to best organize questions and replies.


Y’all are doing great, Jean. Totally sucked me into something I wasn’t expecting to get sucked into.

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Sorry for the late reply!

There are some disconcerting defaults;

  • anyone can message you;
  • you get a notifications browser prompt;
  • you have to choose to opt-out of mentions;
  • you have to choose to opt out of email notifications.

Do we still use GitHub for feature requests and bug reporting?

Maybe there could be a notice for people to know the different types of support between the forum, email, GitHub, and accounts.

When I sign out of, the forum keeps me signed in. Is that the correct behaviour? I even signed into a different account but the forums kept me in the original; I actually like this but wasn’t sure if that was how it is supposed to work.

Are all of the pages from the previous site going to be moved over? Should we report any that are missing/linked incorrectly from elsewhere? If so, where is the best place to post that report?

It looks like the forums are completely open to the public. It might be good to help people understand this, especially since somebody might think this is the place to post sensitive information when asking for help.

I see no reason for the Discourse forum to be publicly accessible (and search indexed?).
I can see keeping the home page view public justifiable for giving people a preview to fact there is an active community.
I’d feel more comfortable giving examples etc. confidently if I knew audience of post discussions was limited to M.b subscribers.

I’ve since posted a few bug reports on GitHub and am now considering how best to handle my list of feature requests (there are a number of them at this time).

Are feature requests pertaining to the forum itself still best posted here?

Is it OK to post a lot of feature requests on GitHub?

Is the GitHub repo for Help still relevant for anything? Or does this site replace it, at least as far as our involvement?

good questions. I imagine much of this is in Discourse specific settings, so will be different place to action than usual codebase. But I believe Manton still manages Discourse settings.