Deleting a test blog

So I created a test blog and haven’t gotten around to doing anything with it yet, but I have discovered that every client now defaults to posting to the test blog rather than my main one, and this has caught me out more than once. (I’m hoping that switching each client to the main blog for posting will “stick,” but I haven’t tested that yet.)

So I would like to just delete the test blog for now and come back to it when I need it, and… I can’t? Is there a “delete blog” button that I’m missing somewhere? I know you might not want to have that for most blogs, but for test blogs, this seems like it’d be a good thing to have.

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It should stick (he says not knowing which clients you are using, sticks for me with iOS app, Safari, and Gluon).

No idea how to delete the test blog or I would be of more use.

I can delete the test blog for you. As for “sticking”, on the web if you click the “…” button (under New Post or the Posts screen) it will switch the default blog you are posting to if a client doesn’t specify where to post. Essentially there’s the “default” blog that tries if you have more than one, and that’s set on the web, but individual client apps and third-party apps can have their own default to override that.

Please, could you also delete my test blog ?

No problem, I’ve deleted it for you.

Thank you

Hello. Can you please delete mine as well?
Thank you :pray:

I think you also sent me an email, and I’ve replied there. If not, please follow up at Thanks!

@manton can you confirm whether test blogs can be immune from Google search indexing yet, as discussed months back? Otherwise I’ll be joining the ‘delete test blog’ bandwagon XD

Unless you link to the test blog, Google won’t know about it. I’d still like to update the robots.txt file for test blogs to always ask Google to exclude it.

Please do update the robots.txt file :pray:

I do link to mine e.g. on this very forum because it can be instructive.
So unless you plan to privatise this forum (which I also believe would be prudent), you should update robots.txt so people can make their sandbox a more collaborative tool.

In both cases, I think you’ll see uptick in usage if you give people more privacy on those fronts.
Privacy concerns are rarely acute enough for users to surface, but they act like a sludge on user behavior.

Can you delete my test blog too? I don’t see a way to delete it myself.

Any update on this @manton?

@manton could you please delete my testblog too? :slight_smile: