How-To Show Categories on Timeline

I’d really like to be able to enable the display of categories on the Timeline, I’m going through a bunch of recent posts to make sure they are all tagged properly and I have to click in to each one individually and then when I return to my posts; I’ve lost my scroll position.

Do you mean in the app timeline? If so, this is highly unlikely to happen based on past stated goals for the timeline. If you mean on your blog itself, that’s quite doable with a theme that supports it or a custom theme.

Perhaps you mean the list of your posts on the Posts page ( > Posts)?

The “Posts” section does seem like the best place to show categories if you’re editing posts. I think we could add that as an option.

I appreciate the perspective. Its probably worth mentioning that anyone coming here for help is unlikely to have the benefit of remembering, knowing, or even understanding that there might be “past stated goals.”

Users are goldfish - with memory to match

You got it, I want to manage my list of posts and that includes knowing what tags are associated.

I’d also like to see the category tags more clearly wherever the post appears but I guess there is an anti-pattern that has been an established priority or goal related to not doing that. (See @jsonbecker response)

Oh I wasn’t expecting you to remember. I just didn’t have a link handy. So it was my hand wavy “based on other conversations that have been had, I wouldn’t hold my breath”.