How to reply?

Let’s say I want to reply on to a post on Twitter. In theory, I should be able to add the tweet URL as the in-reply-to and the post should show on my blog as a reply. (I’m ignoring that Twitter has no WebMentions and won’t anything with it.) Is this possible? I don’t see anywhere to add a URL on the web site or the iOS app.

EDIT: alsö, part two, could it be possible for the Twitter cross-post code to see this and then tell their API that this is a reply?

To do that, you’d need to add the HTML link directly so that in-reply-to can be added. When you publish a post on with in-reply-to, notices it and automatically sends a Webmention. (But as you said, Twitter doesn’t support Webmention, so will just ignore it.)

There’s no good way to reply to a tweet from a microblog post. You can quote a tweet or link to it in a blog post, of course, but it just won’t be included directly in the thread on Twitter.

I think cross-posting to Twitter (and other services) can be really useful to keep engaged with other platforms, but we don’t intend to be a full Twitter client.

Oh I’m definitely not trying to get M.B to be a full Twitter client. My goal is to present my posts with as semantically/clearly marked up as reasonably possible.

IMO the best practice when referring to a twitter post is to use the built in Hugo shortcode for Twitter embeds. Twitter doesn’t give a rats-ass about “in-reply-to” but Twitter support Tweet embedding is all over the internet and what you’ll get from using that shortcode.

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Awesome! I forgot to even think about Hugo. Thanks!!

Edit: unfortunately, this badly breaks the Twitter cross-posting. It looks good, but what makes it to Twitter is much worse. The embed seems really only appropriate for a blog, not for microblogging without a lot of extra work on the backend for either graceful degradation or native translation. :disappointed:

Embeds aren’t going to cross over. THere’s no way to get a “Twitter native quote tweet” from your blog-- it’s just not designed that way.