How to redirect a domain to a static page or hosted single-page website on

My blog is

I also have a static one-page website at the domain I wish to redirect that URL to a page off of or single-page website on

  • Which would be more appropriate? I created the single-page website but now I think a page off of might be more appropriate? I can easily cut-and-paste the markdown from the single-page website to a page at—that’s not a problem.
  • How do I redirect to this page? When the user arrives at that page, I want them to see in the address bar of their browser, not or


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I’m not exactly sure I understand your question. Sorry if this answer is missing your point, or isn’t helpful. I don’t know how you would have the address bar show that.

But you can create a redirect in the Pages section of your one-page site.

From Path: “/”
Redirect to: “https://…”

Thanks, but that’s not what I’m asking. However, I think I found the answer here:

and here:

Looks like I want to set up a hosted single-page website on and then redirect the C and A NAME DNS settings from my original domain (in this case, to that site.

Note how I say the preceding as though I actually know what I’m talking about and doing.

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