How to link replies on the replies page to their original context

I recently included my replies as a page on my website. I would like for readers to be able to find and see the context in which each reply was written. How can I link back to the original post that I was replying too? Maybe something like this:

Or this:


You mean like this? It’s a built-in feature of Tiny Theme if you’re interested in it. Others have done it on other themes as well.

Here’s an example way to manually add it in your custom theme in section/replies.html.

{{ if .Params.reply_to_url }}
<div class="reply-to">
Replying to: {{ if eq .Params.reply_to_hostname "" }} <a href="{{ .Params.reply_to_url }}" class="u-in-reply-to">@{{ .Params.reply_to_username }}</a>
{{ else }}
<a href="{{ .Params.reply_to_url }}" class="u-in-reply-to">{{ .Params.reply_to_hostname }}</a>
{{ end }}
{{ end }}

Exactly. I noticed the change in the recent theme update. Thanks for the extra instructions.

inside section/replies.html Is there a particular part of the template where this should be added ?

I’m using the Card theme GitHub - ericgregorich/micro-blog-cards-theme: Cards is a simple theme for

Just seeing this. It’s basically where you want it to show. I recommend in the byline.