How to create a webmention-based guestbook

I’d like to create an old school guestbook that visitors sign via webmention. Like this one.

But I can’t quite make it work. The test posts I’ve sent from other accounts don’t seem to go through. Perhaps it is because I’m trying to use a page instead of post for my guestbook?

1 Like does not use any pages from Hugo. All things that appear like pages are actually content types of Post, unless you put it into your theme under content/whatever and specify a type there and create your own type template.

Whenever working with and Hugo assume it’s a post.

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That’s a good point, it would be nice if Webmention replies to standalone pages were possible. I can confirm this won’t work currently, because assumes that someone is replying to a blog post.

For now, I’d suggest creating a standalone “Guestbook” page and giving it a custom Webmention endpoint such as using instead of Then you could retrieve and display the webmentions separately just for the guestbook.

I’ll work on making this more flexible in the future so could handle it automatically. I think it might work if the guestbook author targets your blog home page instead, but it will take some more testing.


Thank you for sharing that link, this is a seriously cool idea!

Tangentially: a guestbook feature that not both includes webmentions and a way for folks to sign would be great.

I like the idea of the Mastodon-follow interface for profiles also being used for this sort of thing; so, people could sign your guestbook from your profile. Although that sounds complicated even just reading it back… although, blogs generally being able to hook into your profile is an exciting idea and this already happens a little with the bio-About connection, I think.

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I’d also like it if pages could get webmentions.

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