How to change WordPress/Micropub site in iOS app?

In the past I have used the iOS app to post to a WordPress site. Now I want to use it to post to a different Micropub-compatible site. How do I change which site is my WordPress/Micropub site in the app?

To my knowledge you can’t post to a WordPress site from the app, as they’re 2 separate services.

Are you getting confused with cross-posting? If so, that’s managed from the Account page, then selecting the Manage Feeds & Cross-Posting button.

You can use the iOS app to post directly to WordPress, but only in version 2.3. We haven’t added this to the 3.0 betas yet. It’s planned soon, likely this month.

If you’re using the old version, you go to the settings inside the app and choose “WordPress or compatible blog”. Then the next time you start a new post, it will prompt for your WordPress login.

(I’m biased but I think posting to WordPress from iOS is easier than using WordPress itself. Make sure if you use Markdown to add a WordPress plug-in to enable that.)

In terms of the “separate services”, that is true also and why you can’t exactly post to WordPress from the core platform. Instead this is a feature that is built into the individual native apps.

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Thanks @manton. I already have a WordPress blog hooked up to my app, but I want to change it to a different WordPress blog. How can I do that?

In other words, I want to disconnect the app from the WordPress site it’s currently connected to, and publish to a different WordPress site instead.

You have to sign out of in the app first. That should clear the settings so you can start over with a different WordPress. (I know this isn’t ideal… Hopefully we can make it simpler in the next version.)

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