How to add a new book?

I want to add a book to my bookshelve, but I can’t find it by name nor ISBN. How can I add a new book?

On the search results page, click Can’t find a book?.

I see… that link doesn’t show up in the apps, only on the web.

That’s true, it’s web-only for now. However, we’re working on a new version of Epilogue with expanded support for adding books and covers, using the Internet Archive’s Open Library. Hopefully will be wrapped up soon and release.

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Is there a way to add books that don’t necessarily have an ISBN, or where the ISBN is unknown, like many indie authors on Amazon or Audible? I noted that the Can’t find a book? link requires one.

I’ve started work on a personal book tracker app where my goal was to pull the book data from Amazon but it looks like / Epilogue is almost what I want. and Epilogue assume there is an ISBN. If there isn’t an ISBN for a book, currently you will need to make one up… It can be anything, like THEBOOKNAME1234 or something like that.

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