How long should posts take to appear on the timeline?

I’m curious if there’s an expected amount of time it usually takes a post to appear on the timeline. Regardless of which method I use to post (official app, Drafts, Shortcuts), I often find it can take tens of minutes, sometimes over an hour for it to appear on the timeline despite it being instantly on my blog. Which is a little bit frustrating when I’d like to quickly follow it up with a reply, thread-style.

This has been an ongoing issue for me, unrelated (I think) to the performance issues today — though I did notice it taking extra long tonight.

Coming from the instantaneousness of Twitter, maybe my expectations are too high, but if there was an “average” wait time I should expect before seeing my posts, that would help so I knew when to check back.

For example, this post made it to my blog at 9:26pm. It’s still not available on at 11:16pm, even on my own profile page.

I think it should appear within minutes. What I did to fix this (not sure if this is the sanctioned way) is rebuilding my blog, via the logs page, where there’s on top of the page a button to rebuild your blog.

This inconsistent delay is something we are aware of. It happens to me too, and it feels like it happens in particular when I want to follow up with another post and have to wait. :unamused: One hack that works sometimes is to open the post and edit it, then click Update. That seems to “kick” the post onto the timeline, but not always. Sorry for the frustration. We are trying to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for the tips and the confirmation that it’s something being addressed!