How does actually work?

I’ve imported a lot of stuff into my blog (from ~120 posts to ~3300. I’ve done the import in batches from thursday to saturday.

Today (monday afternoon) when I look at the “posts” page on I can see what seem to be all posts (for obvious reasons I’m not going check one-by-one). But when I look at my web site there are a large number of posts missing. For example, already on the second page I see a jump from 2023-09 to 2023-03 (many posts in this time range) to 2022-11 to 2021-12. My guess is that this time range should contain a couple of hundred posts, not just around 10.

If I go and click on one category I see 6 entries listed, there should be around 500.

I clicked on “Rebuild site” to see if it would help, but it doesn’t look like that.

I can understand if the rebuild have been put in a queue to be done at a later time, but I would like to know how it works so I know what to expect.

Sometimes for a period of 5-10 mins after making a post, the full site is not built because MB will build the recent parts faster to get posts on the timeline and online. Within 10-15 minutes though, usually the rest of my site is built. I have around 3500 posts, and I don’t really see this issue often. I haven’t made many (any?) posts today and my full site is up.

Yeah, I’m not surprised that there is some form of queuing. I did some “category pruning” yesterday which resulted in a lot of “rebuilding” messages and today things looks better … I’m not going to check each post but it looks like they are there now.

Glad the posts seem to all be there now. I think there is room for improvement in how the queued publishing works when there might be a lot of changes happening at once. That might explain how your site was temporarily left in an inconsistent state.