How do you use

I’m curious how others use overall? It seems that the Timeline is separate from the blog itself (and the actual blog could be optional).

Are you using blog as a central hub for all of your content? Or just for general public journaling? Do you host a blog elsewhere and add it to your timeline using a feed, then cross-post to other platforms?

It seems to me that could be the main hub for all my content, where I post blog posts, Twitter posts, etc, and using categories and feeds, distribute that content elsewhere. Or it could go the other direction, where I create the content elsewhere, and it pulls it into timeline.

I’m obviously exploring the possibilities. implements many of the IndieWeb ideas and is part of that community. So, it lends itself well to being a central hub for all your content and the POSSE principle. (The concept of posting to your domain first, then cross-post to other platforms.)

Many of the people I subscribe to use just this way – it’s their home on the internet. Or their garden. But some use it more or less like a traditional blog. And others have multiple blogs hosted on for different purposes.

Some, like me, have a website hosted elsewhere and choose to publish posts to the timeline.

Interesting. Thanks!

As @sod said, I have a hosted blog, where I post everything, and that gets crossposted to Mastodon and Twitter. It’s my home.